During the years the rental industry has undergone tremendous change. Nowhere is it more evident than in pricing.  We have found instances where a laundry is making up to 50% of its service revenue through hidden charges. These include:
  • Inventory Minimums
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Delivery Minimums
  • Service Minimums
  • Laundry Bag Use Charge
  • Sack Rack Use Charge
  • Automatic Loss Charge
  • Energy Charge
  • Service Installation Charge
  • Out of Service Charge
  • Garment Repair Charge
  • Year-round Service Charge
Additionally some launderers are increasing the length of their rental agreements to several years. Some launderers even have language in their contracts prohibiting the customer from quitting if prices are raised. And if a customer were to buy out their rental agreement, the cost is exorbitant to say the least (minimum $500) no matter how large or small the account is. Its even been reported to us some sales representatives do not bring these items to surface when making a presentation of their services, but let me assure you they are being applied on rental service in very subtle ways.

A&M Services Inc., faced with inflation in a very competitive market, has added some ancillary charges. We have applied these charges sparingly with you the customer in mind. Our policy has been and will continue to be one which charges a fair price for each item of rental service, not to get it where we can, when we can, however we can.

This has been our method of operation for over 80 years. We don't "hide" charges on your bills!

This information is for you, the buyer, to see the advantages of evaluating all aspects before choosing your rental service provider!